Cosmetic Surgery – The Cost of Rhinoplasty

There is a great emphasis in the modern world on looking good. We are constantly bombarded with images of ideal beauty and many of us strive to attain this. However, some of us, the author included, are not blessed with natural beauty, for us, we need to turn to the less traditional solution of cosmetic surgery. Now, cosmetic surgery is a drastic solution, so it is important to understand the area well. If you are considering a cosmetic surgery procedure, then please read this article as we have some invaluable information to impart.

Popular Cosmetic Procedures in the 21st Century

There are many hundreds of procedures available to the average person. Twenty years ago, cosmetic surgery belonged firmly to the rich and affluent, fortunately, today; the cost of surgery has reduced considerably. Here are some of the more popular procedures you can buy with your hard earned cash:


Liposuction is a procedure whereby fat is removed from the upper portions of the skin. This is a quick fix procedure for those of us who are overweight but who do not want to spend time dieting and exercising. Liposuction will reduce your weight, but surgeons will also reshape those areas, too, making them much more attractive than they may otherwise appear: sculptured and thinned thighs, for example.

Face lifts:

This is generally a procedure undertaken by people of a certain age. As we age, our faces tend to sag, a face lift is used to tighten the skin and create a more youthful appearance. Some people claim that a good facelift can take up to 20 years off your face – although we think it may be more realistic to expect 10 years off your appearance.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay for Cosmetic Surgery?

Clearly, the exact cost varies from individual to individual and from procedure to procedure, however, it is possible to provide a rough guide to prices.


Expect to pay between £150 and £450 depending on where you are having the injections (e.g. forehead injections are more expensive than armpit injections because the procedure is more dangerous on the face due to the high levels of nerve endings – and, if you were wondering, many people have Botox in their armpits because it reduces sweating).

Breast Implants:

These can be very expensive, especially in the larger cities, such as London, where you can expect to pay as much as £15,000 for implants undertaken by the country’s leading surgeons. Cosmetic surgery North West is cheaper, and you could find a surgeon who will undertake the operation for as little as £6000. To get the best prices, it is worth shopping around.

Rhinoplasty (- nose job) will generally cost not more that £4000, but again, it does depend on the individual and how much work is involved.

Cosmetic surgery can be expensive, then, but there are plenty of procedures that are relatively cheap. For example, a good way to rejuvenate your facial skin is to have microdermabrasion, which will cost as little as £100 for a full course.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are Dental Implants, Smile Makeover, Teeth Whitening, Dental Veneers, Inlays/Onlays, Full Mouth Reconstruction and Composite Bonding. The procedures are needed by patients mainly for aesthetic reasons. They make the teeth to appear attractive and the smile pleasing. Some procedures produce a youthful facial appearance. They are performed by cosmetic dentists. Modern equipments make the procedures simple and quick and the restorations durable. After the cosmetic dentist installs restorations dental hygiene is maintained as usual by regular brushing and flossing.


Dentist London performs indirect fillings, also referred to as inlays and onlays. They are made with composite materials or porcelain. Fillings made with these materials are long lasting. They offer a cosmetic solution to restoring decayed teeth or similar structural damage. Dentist London first fabricates them in a dental laboratory and then bonds them on to the teeth with an adhesive. They do not interfere with practices for dental hygiene.

Composite Bonding

This is a cosmetic dentistry treatment for restoring and improving the appearance of chipped, decayed, broken or discolored teeth. A dental composite material resembling the enamel and dentin is used. It is put on the surface of the tooth or inside the cavity. The cosmetic dentist then sculpts it into the required shape, hardens and contours it using light of high intensity. This restoration blends well with the surrounding tooth structure and the other natural teeth and can not be distinguished. Dental hygiene practices do not interfere with the restorations. It results in a smile that is bright and healthy.

Teeth Whitening

This procedure is the most used cosmetic dentistry treatment by dentist in Holborn. Teeth get discolored by food, drinks (such as coffee, red wine or tea), poor oral and dental hygiene or smoking. These substances cause the teeth to change their color to gray, brown or black. The dentist London uses a bleaching liquid to get rid of the stains and restore the natural white color. The cosmetic dentist uses the procedure to make the smile beautiful and attractive.

Dental Veneers

Composite or porcelain shells are bonded with a strong adhesive on the front tooth surface. Dentist in Holborn uses the procedure to hide chips and cracks. Dental veneers can also conceal irremovable tooth stains and worn appearance and improve the beauty of a smile. Normal dental hygiene practices can be carried out without damaging the veneers. Cosmetic dentist uses veneers where whitening can not succeeded and to conceal spaces between teeth. Porcelain veneers are most expensive type of veneers. The high cost can be reduced by dental insurance. Most dental insurance providers do not cover cosmetic dentistry.

Dental Implants

The implants are artificial tooth roots used for replacing lost teeth. Replacement of artificial teeth is a branch of cosmetic dentistry known as prosthetic dentistry. In addition to improving the smile, dental implants also result in a youthful appearance. Replacing lost teeth restores a collapsed face which is caused by gaps in teeth. Once healed you can brush and floss your teeth for good dental hygiene.

Smile Makeover

Smile makeover is done to perfect the beauty of a smile. A comprehensive evaluation of esthetics of your smile is first done by the dentist London. One or more of the above cosmetic dentistry treatments, are carried out for a smile makeover. Dental veneers, dental implants, gingival sculpting and/or teeth whitening may be done on some teeth in the lower and upper jaws to produce the desired smile.

Full mouth reconstruction

This is a procedure performed, by cosmetic dentists, to remove functional defects of the bite, muscles, teeth and bone structure. Dentist London uses quality materials, now available, to perform clinically sound, durable and functional treatments that also produce a natural appearance.